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I'm one of those many people that enjoy procrastinate-by reading Hacker News. So in a helpless attempt to be productive efficient I've created hnCommentWatcher. Yet another HN bookmarklet. Currently I swear by @mrspeaker's Hackemup bookmarklet [1], it really is brilliant, but its only for the front page, and I still find it painful to follow the comment threads for each individual post (which I believe is where I get the most use (see: intellectual stimulation) out of Hacker News). So this is my solution.

What it does:

hnCommentWatcher is a bookmarklet that you use on individual posts/threads, which then refreshes the page every so often and indicates which comments are new, and allows you to easily navigate between them, meaning you can open a thread read the comments then come back later and follow the discussion without having to decipher which comments are new and which you've already read.

Other features include, highlighting the original poster of the thread (OP), as well as assigning each user a colour swatch so it's easier to differentiate between them and identify when/where a particular user has contributed.

How to use it:

Drag this bookmarklet: hnCommentWatcher to your bookmarks/favorites bar/folder, and click on it when you're on a post you want it to watch for you. Also if you're impatient and you dont want to wait for its internal timer to tick over just click the bookmarklet again to update right away.



This is a work in progress I just made it, so it might be a bit buggy in some browsers that I havnt tested yet. Also this page could do with a few proof reads. If you have any feedback or bug reports, please post them to the issues page of this projects github repo.



Thank you and good night,
Christopher de beer


New Comments

New comments are displayed in green (see example below). and the first new comment is scrolled into view by default. If there are > 1 new comments then each will have a button at the bottom linking to the next new comment, to make navigation easier.

Newish comments

When the page is reloaded by hnCommentWatcher comments that were new are marked in light green (see example below) for a short period before reverting to unstyled, this is so that when there is an update and you may not have read all the new comments in time, its easy to locate/identify "Newish" comments.


OP (the original poster) is highlighted on each comment they make. this makes it easier to see what the person who posted the link to HN has contributed to the thread. The Image below is an example of how it would be styled/indicated.

User swatches

Each user will have a coloured swatch next to thier comments, so as to make it easier to identify/differentiate-between users and associatd mulitple posts by the same user. It isnt fool proof as some colours might end up looking similar (the string to hex colour function isnt ideal).